2-Day African Piragramac Workshop with Men Ca

$40 usd
Thu Apr 29, 6:00 PM - Fri Apr 30, 8:00 PM (EDT)

Both spiritually physical and physically spiritual.

African Piragramac: A Rite Of Movement Workshop

With traditional African movement as its base, while multi-layered with a modern aesthetic, this workshop series centers within two rites of movement: go in to go through (meditation) and go through to go out (transformation). All in effort to connect to the first drum and spiritual center: the heart and the mind, respectfully. Created by the late Kemetologist (Egyptologist) and multi-faceted Artist, Lee Aco Thompson, this workshop yields to invigorate the self to be spiritually physical and physically spiritual. - One must activate one’s self to be one with creation.

Men Ca Acnem

African Instructor